Media VS "Influencers". My Response

Media VS "Influencers". My Response

I was fortunate enough, to speak at and be on the lead panel at Digital Day Out 2019, talking about Influencers, where we are heading and answering the important topics, marketers really wanted to know.

Now, if you read right to the bottom, you will see my opinion on how i respond to negatively towards Influencers, in the media - who therefore portray a big hate towards us from the public.

Brought to you by those who are immersed in the digital world, Digital Day Out (DDO) is the Marketing Association’s largest annual conference attracting close to 600 marketers for a fun-filled day out at SkyCity Auckland.

The DDO Conference Advisory Board works with the MA to bring you the most relevant and current topics to keep you abreast of what's critical in digital marketing today, bringing to the stage thought leaders, experts and clients to showcase campaigns, innovative approaches, technologies and perspectives which are driving their digital marketing success.

For 2019, they are shaking things up with new interactive session formats, a Google lounge, and more opportunities to network.

If the media is always upset about Influencers, they should look at themselves.

They have influenced populations to war. They are controlled by big businesses, politicians and media moguls. As an Influencer, we as individuals are not controlled by anyone. I am one person.

We reflect the population and fashions. We are a representation of our generation. The media have been responsible for some horrendous influencing over the years leading to disgusting perverse acts of war on innocent populations. Something I have never done.

As an Influencer, we spread fashion and lifestyles as well as a positive motivation for our generation.

I get it, and oh boy, I sincerely do that some people can't stand us in this position. However, it's life and a part of today's society. It's not going to change but only evolve even more.

For the public who seem to think it's OK to rip apart others who are in this position, think again. I am not judging you for your life choices and what or how you live it. So it should be the same.

Samuel Levi

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