Breezing the day with TV personality Samuel Levi

Breezing the day with TV personality Samuel Levi

Re-posting, from the latest announcement of my new Ambassador role with Almond Breeze.

When Samuel Levi appeared on our screens on Married At First Sight NZ in 2018 he caught our attention – and not just because of his dazzling smile. While having a conversation with his husband, we couldn’t help but notice a familiar blue and pink Almond Breeze almond milk on the bench ready for Samuel’s coffee.

Today, we’re proud to welcome Samuel – one of our most avid Almond Breeze fans – into the Almond Breeze whanau as our first male Almond Breeze NZ ambassador.


Prior to life as a TV star, Samuel had amassed a dedicated following in social media, had won 2017 ‘Fashion Influencer of the Year’ at the Social Media Awards. His career as a TV personality and fashionista has seen him sit front row at Fashion Weeks in Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and LA, host, judge and speak at fashion events all over New Zealand and the world, and host his own fashion show on iHeartRadio.

Samuel is as passionate about health, fitness and travel as he is about fashion. Last month he launched his new lifestyle blog to share the best of his adventures wherever they take him. At Almond Breeze we have loads of exciting things planned with Samuel for the year but we thought it was time to find out more about his new Trans-Tasman life and what’s in store for the rest of 2019.


1. You’re now based in Melbourne and travel back to New Zealand from time to time. Tell us a bit about your life there?

I am. I absolutely love it here. I decided to jump the ditch for multiple reasons. I felt like a needed a bigger and more creative city around me. I came off the back of a TV show and wanted to step away from “That Guy“ off “That Show“ type thing, and i wanted something new and refreshing. Whether i am here for six months, a year or five. At least I can say I have done it, and I have no regrets so far.


2.  Ah yes, we watched you on “That Show”, Married at First Sight NZ. How was that experience for you, and what did you learn about yourself by being on the show?

I was yes. Look, I absolutely loved it, and had some great experiences, including my honeymoon which was in one of my favourite parts of the world Bali. It was heaven. In all honesty, one thing I learnt about myself and going through that experiment was it is ok to be you. You do not need to change and or try to be someone else to make them happy. I was completely and utterly myself and came out a better person for doing so.

3. What does breezing the day mean to you, and how has making the most of opportunities shaped your life?

Breezing the day to me, means ultimately living your best life. Taking every opportunity that comes your way, doing new adventures, and creating something new and exciting for yourself each day. Doing this has allowed me to be who I am today, and the amazing adventures I endure along the way.

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